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well then I got tagged again
by :iconmisscaptainnemo:

The Rules:

1. You Must Post These Rules.

2. Each Person Has To Share 10 Things About Themselves.

3. Answer 10 Questions Asked To You And Invent 10 Questions That People You Tag Will Answer.

4. Choose 10 People + Put Their Icons On Your Journal.

5. Go To Their Pages And Inform Them That They Have Been TAGGED! (Actually they now see it anyway in the mentions:D (Big Grin))

6. Not Something Silly Like: 'You Are Tagged Of You Read This.'

7. You Have To Legitimately Tag 10 People.

8. No Tag-Backs.

9. Can't Say, No Tags.

10. Everyone That Has Been Tagged Must Make A Journal Entry 

- My legs are hurting atm.
- I own 11 Mcdonalds minions
- I am always cold and i have stopped trying to prevent it
- It has been pointed out that my memory might be a little bad
- I know at least 6 people named Linnea
- I have a passionate hatred towards football
- I like reading
- I love pastel colours
- I play the piano
- Thranduil is my current religion i mean have u seen him damn son

Question time!

1. In what country do you live?
I am a occasionally proud swede

2. Do you have pets?
lol nah

3. What are your favourite (video)games?
well I don't play that many games I guess pokemon, portal and half life. I recently began playing skyrim too and I am enjoying it quite a lot thank you

4. If you could live in a book, what book would you choose?
Definitely the hobbit, considering it's still quite peaceful before sauron decides to throw a fit again.
I'd want to be a pretty elf (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
...or a badass dwarf (ʘ ‿ ʘ ✿)

5. What pokemon don't you like? (if there are one)
chimchar, never liked him sry

6. What is your favourite anime?
Fullmetal alchemist will always be my favourite =u=

7. Are you allergic to something? (what? That's not a strange question! ok maybe it is...)
Something in a weird lipbalm I got a couple of years ago. (I kept using it until i understood it was the balm I was allergic to)

8. What is your favourite and most weirdest food?
tofu hot dog in a waffle i tell you that shit is delicious.

9. What time is it? (hammer time? Couldn't resist..)
summertime it's our vacation

10. And finaly... the most epic and hardest question of all time! What is your favourite eeveelution!?! (yeah! Try to answer that one!)
Always liked vaporeon a little extra

10 questions for u:
1. Your biggest fear?
2. Favourite pewdiepie character?
3. choose a superpower and only one.
4. Have you tried turning it off and then back on again?
5. Favourite book you've read?
6. Would you be willing to try tofu hot dog in a waffle? srsly it's great
7. Favourite movie villain?
8. Why did you decide to start watching me? [I really appreciate it tho<3]
9. Favourite game?
10. doctor who?

Yah thanks for sticking through

I tag these lads from my watchlist:
:iconnatt-creed: :iconblueheartbear: :iconprincessrosalina100: :iconlordinglip1990: :iconlalalameto: :iconmidnightrose101: :iconcomicshadowgirl: :iconjennifer-scott: :iconkinetic-psychopathy: :iconmeganesnow:

  • Mood: I Have To Pee
  • Listening to: WHAT TEAM
  • Reading: What
  • Watching: No
  • Playing: Why
  • Eating: NO
  • Drinking: WILD CATS


Unknown-Knowledge's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
greetings people
I'm a Swedish girl, who like many others began drawing due to my obsession with manga which have now faded and I'm trying out different styles and techniques.
I've been drawing my whole life but in the beginning of 2011 I started taking it more seriously.

what about me...I'm very colourful when I'm in a good mood but everyone have those days when you feel like sleeping for about three decades.
I like sweets and tumblr and I do not like sports.
I want to develop so critics are more than welcome and every favourite and comment brings a big grin to my face :D


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